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At Yaviv Natural Products based in London, we supply a fantastic range of innovative natural products, from food supplements to insect repellents. We maintain a close, long-term working relationship with trusted manufacturers which enables us to supply the best organic and natural products to customers around the world. Why not check us out on Instagram too and keep up to date with all our news and new products?

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Our Range of Natural Products

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Blood Orange

Made with 42% juice from natural fruits

✓  Packed with the zingy taste of blood oranges enhanced with white grape to sweeten.

✓  Contains Vitamin D (200% RI)

✓  Vitamin C (2500% RI)
✓  Vitamin K & Folic Acid (100% RI)
✓  Vitamin A & Zinc (50% RI)
✓  Multi award winning British Brand
✓  IFS Certified

Blackcurrant & Elderberry

Made with 39% juice from natural fruits.

✓  Added natural extracts of blackberry, acerola             cherry and white mulberry.

✓  Contains Vitamin D (200% RI)

✓  Vitamin C (2500% RI)

✓  Vitamin K & Folic Acid (100% RI)

✓  Vitamin A & Zinc (50% RI)

✓  Multi award winning British Brand

✓  IFS Certified

No Skito spray

Natural mosquito and insect repellent made with plant based active ingredients

✓  Extra mild formulation

✓  Safe and gentle on the skin

✓  Dermatologically approved

✓  Made in Germany

No Skito body lotion

✓  Safe for babies from 6 months+, toddlers and adults

✓  Pleasant fragrance

✓  Dermatologically tested

✓  Natural mosquito repellent

✓  Made in Germany

OmegaMums DHA plus

Our natural products portfolio also include a range of vitamins and omega 3 dietary supplements. Our omegas are made of 100% natural ingredients in the triglyceride form and free from any contaminants. Our OmegaMums DHA plus is a convenient one capsule a day.

Omega3Cardio TG

This supplement has been developed using a natural and incredibly effective method which protects essential omega fatty acids, keeping them fresh. This extra protection gives the fragile omega fatty acids found in fish oil much more stability, making paradox fresher when it reaches the body cells.

OmegaBaby's DHA plus

Paradox OmegaBaby's DHA plus,  provides a clever, safe and effective way of delivering essential omega-3 and vitamin D that is suitable for babies from 6 months.

✓  Supports growth and development

✓  Vision

✓  Brain function

✓  Immune system

Paradox Omega3D Chews

Paradox Omega3D Chews is the perfect food supplement to obtain the correct daily amounts of natural omega 3 and vitamin D3.

✓   Delicious easy-to-take chew
✓   Blackcurrant flavoured
✓   No fishy taste
✓   Scientifically proven
✓   Made in UK

Become A Distributor Of Our Natural Products  

Become a distributor of our fantastic range of natural products. We supply distributors all over the world from our London base with our natural range of food supplements and insect repellents.  


We value our suppliers deeply and our ethos of showing integrity means you can trust us to look after you. 

To enquire about becoming a distributor or for any questions please call: 020 7183 2865 or leave us a message.

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